Online Thinkathon Challenge #2

Do you want to shape our inclusive digital future by building on technical advancements? We’ll make sure your voice is heard! - This project is funded by the European Union

  • Sofia Pieretti
    Sofia Pieretti
  • Daje Schoormann
    Daje Schoormann
  • Enzo Birolleaud
    Enzo Birolleaud
  • Nicolas Jouenne

Gender Equality


  • over 1 year

    Wow! Such a cool and necessary initiative!

  • over 1 year

    Good luck Wipsee team. Beautiful project 🥰

  • over 1 year

    Bonne chance 🤞

  • over 1 year

    really speaking to me , amazing recommandations

  • over 1 year

    Super projet !