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Do you want to shape our inclusive digital future by building on technical advancements? We’ll make sure your voice is heard! - This project is funded by the European Union -

About the project

Over the past 30 years, a new digital culture, interactivity, and instantaneous communication have fundamentally changed our world. We are now at a new crossroads: advances in augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence; the "internet of things"; how we interact with devices and the disappearance of the keyboard; and big data and user experiences that are tailored to the individual will all change how we live, work, play and participate in society - administratively, economically, socially and politically.
What are the potential benefits of these changes, what are the potential drawbacks? How can we ensure that such changes lead to the further development of inclusive societies?
While public awareness of some 'negative aspects' of a digital world (on-line bullying, 'fake news') has increased, there has as yet been very little public discourse on how these aspects can be 'fixed'.
"Our digital future, c'est ICI" offers young adults a new platform for a debate that addresses our digital future in a holistic and positive way and focuses on identifying the principles, processes, and decisions that will lead to the most inclusive digital societies.


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