24-hour Thinkathon: Montreal/Brussels - Citizenship 4.0

Do you want to shape our inclusive digital future by building on technical advancements? We’ll make sure your voice is heard! - This project is funded by the European Union -

This project is realized by the Goethe-InstitutThinkYoung and Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi NDG and funded by the European Union

Your mission

Considering the technological advancements that have been, made your mission is to develop and discuss recommendations to shape a modern form of citizenship in which people engage both individually and collectively. 

What can we do to encourage active citizenship and minimize social exclusion in a digital context? How can technology be used to facilitate and increase civic and political participation? How can we create an inclusive society around active digital citizenship?

Possible topics of discussion are the role of technology & digital citizenship, digital skills & social exclusion, surveillance & online civil liberties, general internet access for citizens, alternative models of digital participation, living “off the web”, etc.

You can choose to participate either online or on-site in either Montreal or Brussels. 

Choose 1 of 3 working groups!

Voicing Policies

Develop recommendations for the political direction of Canadian and European governments!

Share The Buzz!

Establish a social media strategy to boost awareness of Citizenship 4.0 and influence the public!

Lights, camera, youth in action!

Create a video to call attention to issues and opportunities surrounding citizenship 4.0!

On-site participants

As an on-site participant, you will take part in the Thinkathon either in Montreal or Brussels.
You can choose between three working groups, each of which will focus on a different mission during the Thinkathon. For 24 hours you'll work with other young people in your working group while constantly digitally interacting with the matching working group in the partner city as well as online participants. An expert will coach your working group in the chosen field, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable insights and develop new skills. At the end of the Thinkathon, you will have the chance to present your project and win a number of prizes!
To take part on-site you need to register and fill in the participation form. Based on your answers about why you want to take part, your background and your intent you'll be selected to be one of the 50 participants in either Montreal or Brussels. If you are not selected, you can still participate online. 
The 24h Thinkathon begins on October, 4 at 9am in Montreal/ 3pm in Brussels and ends on October, 5 at 9am in Montreal/ 3pm in Brussels.

Online participants

 As an online participant, you will be able to view the working group outcomes and submit your comments, input and ideas at three virtual presentation times during the event. To keep up with the cross-continent discussion, you will be able to join the live streaming during these three presentation times. You could also be invited to join one of the working teams and win a trip to Frankfurt!
At 3 points during the 24-hour Thinkathon the working groups will post a summary of their results on the platform. You will then have the opportunity to review, vote and comment on the projects online. If you are especially interested in one of the projects, you'll be able to contact us in order to join the corresponding working group. Based on your contribution in terms of comments and recommendations, we'll decide if you can join the on-site working group. 
To take part online you need to register and fill in the participation form.
The 24h Thinkathon begins on October, 4 at 9am in Montreal/ 3pm in Brussels and ends on October, 5 at 9am in Montreal/ 3pm in Brussels. The results will be uploaded at 6pm, 12am and 6 am in Montreal and 12am, 6am and 12pm in Brussels


The Timeline