24-hour Thinkathon

Do you want to shape our inclusive digital future by building on technical advancements? We’ll make sure your voice is heard! - This project is funded by the European Union -

This project is realized by the Goethe-InstitutThinkYoung and Carrefour Jeunesse NDG and funded by the European Union.
 This challenge is open to young adults between 18-30 from Canada and Europe


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Shape the society of tomorrow!

You have a unique opportunity to influence policies to achieve an inclusive digital society. Your opinion matters! We need your input to help shape our future society!

Connect with driven young people from Canada and Europe on a local and international level and share your opinions on how we can build our future society in a modern digital context! Network, develop new skills and influence topics that are important to you and the world!
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the remaining on-site Thinkathons have been cancelled. Participants of the Online Challenge have the chance to win a cash prize, give aways and a lot of important insights on how to voice a policy recommendation, how to create a capturing presentation and how to publicly present it.
Throughout two 24-hour Thinkathons in 4 different cities in Europe and Canada, on-site participants worked together to shape our society, building on the topics of Citizenship 4.0 and Social Relations. In March 2020 the on-site Thinakthons have been shifted to a 100% online version and participants from Europe and Canada worked on the topics Citizenship 4.0, Social Relations, Smart & Fast Expanding Cities, Education and Culture & Entertainment as well as on a topic free of their choice.
The project is now on its finishing line and the last Thinkathon Online Challenge will start on October 1st, 2020 to January 22nd, 2021. Participants find themselves in teams composed of Europeans and Canadians working together to shape our society on the topics of Racism, Health, Climate Change, Education and Gender Equality.
We’ll make sure your voice is heard! All outcomes and your thoughts and opinions will be shared with European and Canadian policymakers.
Take part now and make a difference to our future!

Benefit from a unique experience! 

Listen to captivating speakers with a huge experience in inclusion and other topics


Learn best practices and see how your work will influence politics!


Meet engaged people and build a network in Europe and Canada!

Your mission

Technological advancements are strongly influencing our world and are shifting our concept of society. Taking these changes into account, your mission is to discuss ideas and develop recommendations to form and impact an inclusive digital society that's built around your needs and wishes.

24-hours Thinkathon
(not available anymore)

Each 24-hour Thinkathon takes place in two cities at the same time, one in Canada and one in Europe. Collaborate with other motivated people from your city, the matching city, and online for 24 hours! Constantly exchange your ideas, progress, and outcomes with Canadian and European participants and create collaborative results!

Each Thinkathon will focus on one of six topics that are linked to an inclusive digital society: Citizenship 4.0, Social Relations, Smart and Fast Expanding Cities, Security, Education, and Culture & Entertainment.

Online Challenge

Connect online with young driven people from Europe and Canada and develop ideas for our future! As during the Thinkathon you will focus on one of five topics that are linked to an inclusive digital society: Racism, Education, Climate Change, Gender Equality and Health.

A 3-Step Process
1st Step: Registration & Ideation, October 1st, 2020 to December 1st, 2020
2nd Step: Development & Mentoring; December 4th, 2020 to January 15th, 2021
3rd Step: The Online Final; January 22nd, 2021.

Take part in the last Thinkathon Online Challenge!

Online Thinkathon
8-12 June 2020

Online Thinkathon #2
From October 1st

Citizenship 4.0
4-5 Oct. 2019
Work with like-minded people on-site and online to shape our future around “Citizenship 4.0”! What impact are technological advancements having on citizenship? How can we use digitality to build an inclusive society with active citizenship?

Social Relations
29-30 Nov. 2019
Work with like-minded people on-site and online to shape our future around “Social Relations”! How have social relations changed as a result of technological advancements? What can we do to positively impact the way we socialize in a digital context?

Smart & Fast Expanding Cities
8-12 June 2020
Work with like-minded people on-site and online to shape our future around “Smart and Fast Expanding Cities”! How do technological advancements influence our concept of cities? How can we use them to create smart cities?

Funded by the European Union

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